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The Fires Courting The Sea by Maths £3.00 – £6.00

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Undoubtedly one of the most inventive and unique bands to grace UK screamo and hardcore, Maths are finally back after a four year hiatus, with a brand new EP, 'The Fires Courting The Sea', available on limited, single-sided 12" vinyl.

Having received great acclaim with debut album Descent in 2009, The Fires Courting The Sea marks a turning point for Maths, with each track lyrically representing just that – pinpointing poignant moments in lead vocalist Zen Zsigo’s personal life. Whilst Descent and Ascent (2011) dealt with themes such as adolescence and surviving the negative things that go hand in hand with it, The Fires Courting The Sea peers at life through adult eyes, looking back with nostalgia and the maturity of knowing that those bad parts were important.

A self-confessed long and convoluted process, Maths worked on the EP for a year, every instrument recorded in a different space at a different time, and again produced completely by the band themselves. The result is an explosive and incredibly technical record, teeming with dynamism and a newfound vivacity.


  1. Child Wandering Along The Thames
  2. The Fires Courting The Sea
  3. Last Night Silhouette
  4. The Water Is The Colour Of The Sky
  5. Laughter Stirs The Canyon
  6. Outside The Window

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250 / Black 250 / Marble


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