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Cover Buzz by Let It Die / Pariso / Svalbard / MINE £0.00 – £5.00

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If you ever wanted a sign of how co-operative and creative UK independent labels and bands can be, then ‘Cover Buzz’ must surely be a rather decent example. A cover versions 7" viny that celebrates punk, hardcore and powerviolence from four of the UK's most interesting heavy bands. Released in collaboration between Dog Knights Productions, Cult Culture, Enjoyment Records, Moshtache Records and Tangled Talk Records

Limited to a one-time pressing of 250 copies on jukebox vinyl and made to look and feel like an old jazz record (for no other reason than it looks awesome), this release acts as a great assertion of the strength and diversity displayed between friends in bands and record labels. No bullshit, just lots of fun and even more great music.


  1. Let It Die – War In The Head
  2. Pariso – Straight Hypocrisy - Images
  3. Svalbard – This Is The End
  4. MINE – Everybody Hates Me

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250 / Black


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