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Returning a little over a year after their debut album ‘Nothing Beyond Everything After’, Pariso have somehow warped the space-time continuum and produced ‘Consanguinity’ - a record that shows an evolution far greater than (approximately) 365 days should allow.

Loosely based on the theme of family and relations, ‘Consanguinity’ displays highs of atmosphere, melody and thought amidst Pariso's trademark ferocity and aggression. Produced by Lewis Johns at The Ranch and rife with the flair of new-ish guitarist Alex Heffernan, this album should leave no doubts in the mind of any discerning, forward-thinking heavy music fan.

Consanguinity is available now on 12" vinyl (with an exclusive vinyl-only bonus track) and as a free download. No pre-order, no build up, no hype.


  1. The Separation
  2. Maniai
  3. Pigs
  4. Methuselah
  5. Tower of Genus
  6. Equivocation
  7. Montserrat
  8. Trolljegeren
  9. Dead Blockade

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100 / Pink & Green 200 / Black

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