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Time Is A Machine by Listener £6.00

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Third studio album from US three piece, Listener. As with their previous two records, Time Is A Machine marks a definite shift in Listener's sound, particularly evident with the introduction of Kris Rochelle on drums. Musically this is a more powerful rock and roll driven record, coupled with ambient post rock moments and carefully layered instrumentation. Dan Smith deliberates strong poems about our human emotional tendencies dealing with hopes, hurts, and fears in his distinctively unique vocal style.

The album is released in Europe through Tangled Talk Records and is available on deluxe coloured vinyl and an instant digital download in the format of your choice.


  1. Eyes To The Ground For Change
  2. Good News First
  3. Not Today
  4. Tornadoes
  5. I Think It's Called Survival
  6. Everything Sleeps
  7. There Are Wrecking Balls Inside Us
  8. It Will All Happen The Way It Should

Pressing Info

1st Pressing 100 / Purple with Gold Glitter 250 / Transparent Green with Yellow Haze 250 / Half Purple, Half Sea Green 2nd Pressing 200 / Purple Marble 300 / Green Marble


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