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Superstar by Battle For Paris £0.00

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The debut album from Battle For Paris. Recorded and produced by the band at 171, this is eleven songs of schizophrenic math-punk with nods to Meet Me In St. Louis, The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg and The Blood Brothers.

Available on CD and packaged in card digisleeves. Each copy comes with a hand numbered lyrics sheet with a unique photo from drummer Sam Bush.


  1. Fuck Tiger
  2. Mason, Blow A Hole In That Fuckin' Wall
  3. Cool Story Bro
  4. How Can I Help, Detective
  5. Redux
  6. He-Man Womun Haters Club
  7. 2
  8. Here's To Swimming With Bowlegged Women
  9. Millionaire Electric Bike Family
  10. Aylesham
  11. Chaos Leopard


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