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A five-part mini-epic from the near-indefinable Kerouac. Largely eschewing low-end crunch for black metal intensity/post-rock serenity and anthemic power. Pariso deliver their five heaviest and most succinct tracks yet. Big riffs, grind and shards of off-kilter mosh with nods to Slipknot and Premonitions of War.

Recorded in one day with both bands in the same studio and originally released as a 5" vinyl and credit-card shaped CD, packaged in a white or black litho-printed gatefold digipak with the CD sitting on a pop-up mechanism. Ridiculous.

Co-released with Holy Roar Records.


  1. Pariso – Waster
  2. Pariso – Blastbeast
  3. Pariso – No Hope
  4. Pariso – Brutacus
  5. Pariso – The Recluse
  6. Kerouac – Fiends

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