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Maths, The Fires Courting The Sea - out now 23 Mar 2015

We're incredibly proud to announce that today marks the official release of Maths' brand new EP and their first record in 4 years - The Fires Courting The Sea.

The EP is out now on limited edition grey / black / white, single-sided 12" vinyl, with exclusive bundles.

Order the record now on the Tangled Talk store.


  1. Child Wandering Along The Thames
  2. The Fires Courting The Sea
  3. Last Night Silhouette
  4. The Water is the Colour of the Sky
  5. Laughter Stirs the Canyon
  6. Outside the Window

Maths are also playing a free entry EP release show with Human Future and We Never Learned To Live at Birthdays on Friday 27th March.