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  • Stallone - Mire
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    Fast, dissonant, melodic and technically sharp, Stallone's sound is the result of a wide-ranging interest in heavy music and technical ability that can be matched by very few. While the band hold their roots in punk and post-hardcore of the early 2000s (and "steal from Glassjaw, The Blood Brothers, Shai Hulud…"), they also draw influence from early thrash, the atmospheric sounds of Oceansize, doomier / groove bands like Pantera and The Melvins and the technical chops of Aconite Thrill.

    The result is an intense experience with raw, misanthropic vocals and thrash-guitar worship giving way to crust-punk passages and downbeat, head nodding grooves.


    • Stallone - Mire
      7 October 2013

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