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Born in 2011 and nurtured on a diet of K Cider, skateboarding and weed, Brighton-via-Cornwall trio Gnarwolves have been tearing through the UK underground, garnering stellar reviews since their inception. In the relatively short time Thom, Charlie and Max have been playing music they have made the giant leap from a cult basement act to a genuine prospective phenomenon. This isn’t just a band. This is, in their words, a CRU.


  • Gnarwolves - Gnarwolves
    15 September 2014
  • Gnarwolves - Chronicles of Gnarnia
    24 February 2014
  • Gnarwolves - Funemployed
    17 June 2013
  • Gnarwolves - CRU
    16 July 2012
  • Gnarwolves - Fun Club
    22 April 2013

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