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Hello World 07 Feb 2014

It's been forever since we've actually had a fully functioning website, so I'm pleased to finally say - we launched our new site today! If you're reading this, you're probably on it. Here's a rough overview:

To celebrate this monumental occasion we're giving away a free compilation that includes 40 tracks from some of our favourite bands. It's called Radical Friends. You can find out more about it here, or download it here.

We're also offering 15% off all orders for the next week. Just use the discount code "finally".

Please take a look round and let us know what you think. If you come across any problems, or have ideas for improvements, get it touch. It's a work in progress.* That said, if you're wondering why the site's so great anyway, it's because it's built entirely on Limited Run. Massive thanks to those guys for all their help. If you're in a band or run a label, seriously check them out.

* The site's not great on mobile right now (that will change) and it might look weird on old browsers (that won't).