Tangled Talk

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Tangled Talk Records is an independent label based in London, UK and home to some of the best bands in the world. We only ever release music we're passionate about from bands that we love. So far this has included Gnarwolves, Listener, Vales, Goodtime Boys, Kerouac, Bastions, Pariso and loads more.

In 2011, Tangled Talk Records became a part of Pink Mist , a collective of like-minded labels that also includes Big Scary Monsters, Holy Roar, and Blood & Biscuits. The collective works together to release music, promote shows and champion new music from artists that we feel are worth shouting about.


General enquiries

Distribution (UK/EU) 


How long will it take for my order to ship?
Orders are shipped daily, however sometimes things can go wrong. For orders within the UK, please leave 2 weeks before getting in touch, for anywhere else, please give 3 weeks.

If I order something with a pre-order item will they be shipped together or separately?
When you order anything alongside a pre-order item, they are held and shipped together as soon as all items are available. If you want to receive the other items sooner, place two separate orders.

I run a label / distro / record store, can I stock some of your releases?
Absolutely! Email us and we'll send you our wholesale list.

I work for a magazine / website / blog / podcast, who can I speak to about reviewing a release or interviewing one of your bands?
Have a look at the artist page on this site for a press contact. If nothing's listed, send us an email and we'll point you in the right direction.

Do you accept demo submissions?
We don't accept physical demos but feel free to send us a link to an online stream. Don't send us mp3s.

I tried to buy a release from my local record store but I couldn't find it. What gives?
Sorry about that, want to do us a favour and tell them to start carrying it? They can order it from our distributers, listed above.